Fundy Tides Taekwondo

our instructors

We are dedicated volunteers who have been training for decades and are eager to share our knowledge with others. As often as possible, we participate in the classes, doing pushups along with everybody else!

The instructors are registered with the Kukkiwon, Korea's governing body for taekwondo.

Head Instructor

master shirley

Originally from Quebec where she began her taekwondo journey, Master Shirley Chantal earned her black belt in the United States over 20 years ago. She has lived in many countries and continued practicing taekwondo, ultimately calling Nova Scotia home in 2012.

She believes that we are always learning and loves the lessons that taekwondo teaches us.

Master Shirley currently holds a 5th degree black belt designation and is a certified personal trainer through canfitpro.


mr. ken

Dr. Ken Buchholz, a local physician, has been practicing taekwondo for over two decades. He earned his black belt through Master Greg Durling of Greenwood.

Mr. Ken is involved in the community, is very knowledgeable, always encouraging, and is respected and admired by his students and fellow instructors alike.

Mr. Ken holds a 3rd degree black belt designation.


miss kim

Kim Steeves has lived in the Digby area for most of her life. She began taekwondo as a member of the Y's program, progressing through the ranks over the years.

Miss Kim has wonderful technique and has excellent rapport with the students.

Miss Kim was recently promoted to 3rd degree black belt.


miss christina

Christina Thibodeau is in the field of education and, together with her taekwondo skills, puts her experience to good use while assisting in classes.

In spite of the serious demeanor in this photo, Miss Christina is usually smiling and is compassionate and kind.

Miss Christina obtained her black belt in Korea, where she lived for several years.

Miss Christina was recently promoted to 3rd degree black belt.

Assistant Instructor

mr gary

A native of the Maritimes, Gary Melanson has studied various martial arts over the years, including boxing, Muay Thai
and karate. 

Whether a student is a newcomer or veteran, Mr Gary is supportive and quick to smile and share his expertise.

He was the first of our students to earn his black belt and continues to train.

Mr Gary is 2nd degree
black belt.